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André Swertz, Antiquarian Booksellers, was established in 1976, originally as "Reflex" Antiquarian Booksellers & Publishing Company. 

It is specialized in (Dutch) literature and press books, typography, illustrated books, modern arts (avant-garde and artists' books), with an emphasis on the Dutch printer and artist Hendrik Werkman (1882-1945) 

One of the Werkman publications: "Bij het graf van den onbekenden soldaat gevallen in de Meidagen 1940. Een stil dorp, 1942". For many years André Swertz is a leading antiquarian bookseller in various areas of modern arts i.a. concept, zero, minimal art, but also the Cobra movement, as well in the more typographical way, specialized in the designs and typographical works of Willem Sandberg (the former director of the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum). On all these fields, catalogues are published regulary. 

One of the prints of H.N. Werkman's  most important publication: "De Chassidische Legenden, `Het feest der vergeving', ( 2nd suite, print 3), published 1942-1943.  A complete collection of Werkman's publications "De Blauwe Schuit", has been sold recently.


We have in stock  a large collection of the famous periodical "Wendingen".

André Swertz premisesFor recent acquisitions or (illustrated) catalogues you are invited to view his website.

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